Definition of Membership Application Processes

1. APPLICATION STAGE (New, renewal and Upgrades)
  • Applicant / Member completes manual or online membership forms (FORM No: ICTSZ/APPF001)
  • Applicant / Member submits form by post, personal delivery or electronic mail.
  • Member submits form through the registrar
  • Registrar acknowledges receipt by signing, indicating the date and category recommendation.
  • If the registrar, observes that the applicant does not meet the admission conditions and requirements to the category of their choice, the registrar shall recommend on the form the right and suitable category for approval.
  • Registrar informs and passes the application on to the Approval stage.
  • The application at this stage shall not exceed 48 hours from the time received.
  • At this stage, the Membership Sub-Committee sits to approve application but due to time, the Chair or Vice Chair of the committee can approve applications in their single capacities.
  • In the absence of the Chair and their Vice, the Chair Midlands and Northern regions can approve the applications.
  • After approval, the forms shall be returned to the registrar for preparation of an admission letter to the applicant.
  • The application at this stage shall not exceed 48 hours from the time received.
  • The registrar informs the applicant by preparing and sending the admission letter to the applicant informing them the category and amount needed to be paid.
  • Applicants make payments and return a proof of payment to the registrar
  • The process at this stage shall be determined by the applicants. However, sending the admission notice shall be done in not more than 48 hours from time-received approvals.
  • Upon receiving a proof of payment, the registrar shall now prepare a certificate for new or upgrading members or print cards for renewing members.
  • The printing of certificates and cards shall not exceed 48 hours from the time the proof of payment is received.